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A poker HUD is a powerful tool,. Remember that a CBet is when the original aggressor bets the flop. Fold vs Flop CB.Micro Stakes Online NL Poker Forums Cbet oop in. if I see a villain cbet a 3bet pot oop then check fold the turn then Im gonna start floating light and betting.FLOP CBET SRP / FLOP FOLD TO CBET SRP / AGRE FREQ / WTSD. The use of HM2 is in complete compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the poker sites it supports.I play micros exclusively, and frequently find the donk bet stat to be this high for many villains. Cbet.not so much.

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Range To Steal And Cbet. FCP Poker Forum. so usually people won't fold so quickly and wait to see what the turn brings.

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It is recommended that you restrict the use of continuation bets to when you are up against one opponent, although it is possible to fire a successful bet against multiple opponents.There are no set rules to when these plays will work, but there are guidelines as mentioned above that you can follow to help improve the effectiveness of the play.

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Salas de Poker; PartyPoker.ES; Fold to CB; Fold to CB. 2 respuestas. 1. de 1. 47 umasuki. hasta la fecha la media de mis oponentes es Fold to Flop Cbet 28%,.Learn all you'll need to know to crush HUSNGs with Upswing Poker. How to Understand and Crush. they demand a solid understanding of push/fold poker and.

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But beware of tricky players who may expect you to make a continuation bet and check-raise you.

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I was reviewing my stats during a study session and got to thinking about folding to Cbet %.Fold to Flop CB - % de veces que el rival abandona tras un Cbet en el flop. Fold to Turn CB - % de veces que el rival abandona tras. Tengo Party poker en.

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Continuation Bet on flop in 3-bet+ pot (CBET _3) is a subset of Continuation Bet hands that only includes hands with at least two preflop raises. Notes: If you make a continuation bet on the flop and another player raises, we consider the preflop aggression to be ended, and you no longer have a continuation bet opportunity on the turn or river.A forum to discuss the OpenHoldem poker bot and purchase tablemaps,. i have already added 3bet, fold to 3bet, cbet, fold to cbet. PT3 and PT4 stats.

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This is not uncommon so try and get as good a knowledge of your opponent as possible before making moves and be prepared to fold if you hold nothing.A discussion of check-raising as a bluff - who to do it against, what boards you should do it on, and the maths behind it.The play is more successful against 1 opponent rather than 2 or more because of the simple fact that there is a greater chance that an opponent has connected with the flop.Hello, is this a known issue, or is there something wrong with my HM2? Turn fold to cbet ip and oop are a lot higher then fold to cbet turn. Fold to.

My fold to flop c-bet is about 55% at mostly 100NL and 200NL.This means that we should reduce the number of continuation bets we make, as they will be most successful against the average players who are able to fold decent hands.The popularity of the move stems from its simplicity and effectiveness, which means that it is easy to learn and be used appropriately on a basic level by players new to the game.Fold to F CBet in 3Bet Pot (BTN; BTNvBB). Percentage of the time that the BTN folded to a flop cbet by the BB in a pot that was 3bet preflop and went to the flop.Cbetting Articles: The Continuation Bet: More Cbetting Tips: When To CBet (Examples): Double Barrelling.

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Posts about kõne PFR CBET. kuidas asutada HUD on Poker. vpip/pfr/af/3-bet, Fold BB varastada, Fold to 3Bet, Fold to F 3Bet, Fold to F CBET.A Guide to Setting Up Your Online Poker Heads Up Display (HUD). Fold to Flop Cbet “Fold to Flop Cbet” represents the other side of the previous statistic.The wetter (more co-ordinated) the flop is, the more reluctant you should be to attempt a continuation bet when you have not made a strong hand yourself.

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8 A8o K8o Q8o J8o T8o 98o 88 87s 86s 85s 84s 83s 82s Always Fold 7 A7o K7o Q7o J7o T7o 97o 87o 77 76s 75s 74s 73s 72s. Cbet less often when.Also, at nano-stakes, flops are more often multi-way, where you need a stronger hand to continue.A continuation bet is simply a bet that is made on the flop if you were the pre-flop raiser, even if you did not improve your hand on the flop.Ademas hay CBet del Flop,. El tema es asi, hace 2 meses que empece con el Poker Online,. Una de cálculos [Cbet/Fold Cbet].If the bet is too low, it invites opponents to call because they have good pot odds if they are on a draw or if they have a half decent hand.A lesson on the important poker concept of fold equity. Always know how much fold equity you have and how to use it, especially in poker tournaments.

VPIP, PFR, win rate, 3 bet percentage and all-in EV are just some of the poker stats you should focus on if you're trying to beat 2NL. This guide will help.The less players there are in the pot, the greater the chances of your continuation bet being successful.